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Do you enjoy being in nature?

Are you interested in Icelandic flora?

Do you love to collect mushrooms and berries?

Would you like to learn about the use of plants in the past and present?

Your walk starts at our protestant church and goes up to the mountain slopes above Ísafjörður.

At the slopes, surrounded by nature, you get an insight into Icelandic vegetation and see plants in their natural habitat. Our guide will show you the plants, named them, and tell you interesting facts about the wild flora and their use in the past and present. You will also learn in an easy way, something about the geologic formation of the Westfjords, while you experience the wonderful view of the fjord and surrounding valleys.
You will be fascinated by the Icelandic nature and enjoy the special atmosphere - where even the stones smell!
At the end of the hike it will be possible to visit the tourist guide´s garden and get a coffee there.

It is possible to extend the Ísafjörður Walk by one hour with this one at 10:00 or book only this walk at 14:00.

Daily  1. sept. – 15. Oct. at 14:00

Meeting point: protestant church

Elevation: up to 80 m     

Duration: 2,5-3 hours

Group size: 2-10 people

Price for one: 11.900 ISK (children up to 14 free), for 8-10 people 10.500 ISK (for only one 18.000 ISK)


To make a booking, please contact me. I will answer you quickly.

Wild Herb Teas                              

Buy a Wild Herb Tea after your walk

an Abstergent Tea                                          




or a Strengthening Tea


20g 600 ISK                                                                                                   






Buy a wild herb tee

from the plants you had see on your walk on the slopes around Isaförður

Photo: Tina Bauer