Wild herb teas

I have just finished preparing my herb teas, from which the ingredients are plants which I gathered last summer in my immediate environment. 

It is, I believe, important to be aware that the pollution in the Westfjords is very low, so the quality of the plants is very high.

The special thing about my teas is that the plants are all wild, and on our walks you will get a chance to see them growing in their natural habitat. You will also have the opportunity to purchase these teas after our walk - a souvenir of your Ísafjörður trip. The two teas I have on offer are both mild, healthful teas. One is cleansing, aiding the digestive tract, circulatory system and all organs, including the skin. The other is a strengthening tea, benefitting body and soul. (Please note that the described effects the tea should not be construed as medical instructions. I only circulate well-known and traditional knowledge to you. Please consult before using medicinal herbs always a doctor and/or medical specialists.)

Abstergent Tea (20 g)

Strengthening Tea (20 g)

Price: 1.000 ISK


Icelandic Moss (10g) Price: 1.200 ISK

In addition, I am selling at my house Icelandic moss with accompanying recipe, jam and dandelion syrup from our own manufacturing as well as garden herbs, depending on the season.