Private Tours and also some with a short hike - or Bike-Tours

(bookable as day trips from Reykjavík also)

These tours are suggestions. Of course, you can also book me for a 3, 4 or 5 hours sightseeing tour without refreshments and entrances. If you are interested, please ask for the price.

These are offers for couples, families or small groups (up to 11people). A traditional picnic, lunch or coffee in one of the restaurants on the way or as a final event in my garden can also be booked or a combination of one of my walks and a tour.
If you book a day trip from Reykjavík, I will organize the day for you and pick you up at the airport in Ísafjörður in the morning and drop you off again in the evening.
Many of my tours can also be booked outside of the summer season, but program changes are sometimes necessary.
Especially impressive are the northern lights here from September to November. From mid-October there is often snow.
On each tour, you will get information depending on your interests about history, geology, fauna and flora of the Westfjords and you can hear stories and legends.

Customer testimonials
It was a wonderful afternoon during which Helga accompanied us with her grandson. The tour group fit together very well.Thank you to everyone who was there

We, a family with two little kids plus parents and grandparents, booked a private tour with a nature walk near Isafjördur and spent a wonderful calm day with Helga. She explained a lot about nature, culture and history and answered all our questions. It was very pleasant to get to know her and explore the great nature together. Afterwards we went to Helga's wonderful garden with great view and tested some local specialties. Dear Helga, thank you very much for this special day! (2023)


Sightseeing Tours only with Visits:


Sea & Fishery


- 4 hours - year-round


Ísafjörður – Fishing place Ósvör - Bolungarvík – optionally with: Bolafjall or Tungudalur – Ísafjörður

impressive nature – open sea – Westfjord´s fishery history – long views - coffee in Helga´s garden

 Fjords & Villages -

2,5 hours (3,5 hours with a walk on the old road)

Ísafjörður – Fishing place Ósvör - Bolungarvík – Flateyri - Ísafjörður

fishery village - opin sea - views - fjords - old trade place - coffee and traditional skyrterta


Ísafjarðardjúp - 4 hours

Ísafjörður - historic farm-museum Litlabæ - Súðavík - Ísafjörður

impressive fjord scenery in one of Íceland´s largest fjords - seals – arctic foxes - long views - historic farm house - coffee/tea and waffles


Vikings, Handycraft and Nature - 4 hours (with a walk 5 hours)

Ísafjörður - Þingeyri - tour (5 hours with beach walk) - Simbahöllin - Ísafjörður

Fjords - Pass road - Gísla Saga – historic parlament´s place - craft shop, old blacksmith shop etc. - coffee and Belgian waffles

More Tours



 Experience Dynjandi - 5 hours

Ísafjörður - Dynjandi - Farm coffee house - Flateyri - Ísafjörður


faszinating views - fjords - passroads - waterfall - historic village - coffee/tea and Icelandic Pönnukökur (pancakes)



Photography Excursion - 4 hours


Ísafjörður - Motif search in consultation with our guests - Ísafjörður

impressive flora - fascinating landscapes - open sea - wide views - waterfalls - bird life (young birds in the breeding season) - arctic fox - coffee/tea in Helga's garden 






Landscapes and Gardens - 4 hours (5 hours include a hike)

Ísafjörður - Landscape garden "Skrúður" - Waterfall - Simson´s garden – Ísafjörður

fjord landscapes - pass roads -  vegetation of Westfjords – Icelandic moss - special places - coffee in Helga´s perennial garden


Birds and Foxes - 5 hours

Short Walk through Ísafjörður – Önundarfjord - Arctic-Fox Centre - Tungudalur – Helga´s garden in Ísafjörður

sandy beaches - eider ducks – arctic foxes - coffee in Helga´s garden



Taste and Enjoy - 5 hours
Short Walk through Ísafjörður - Flateyri - Breiðadal - Helga´s garden in     Ísafjörður

Fjords - historic villages - traditional and modern food – joint preparation of a meal

On the Tracks of the Vikings

- 4 1/2 hours

Ísafjörður - Þingeyri - Viking Experience-Exhibition – Open-air Viking-area - Ísafjörður

fjords and pass roads - beaches - viking games - coffee or tea and waffles


Tours with short walks:


Tours with short walks

Experience the Village life

– 4 hours (5 hours with the geothermal-swimming pool)

Ísafjörður - Súgandafjord - Suðureyri – Staðardalur - Ísafjörður

fjords – fishing in past and today- historical fishing point – Nature walk (2 hours on a wide path, even) 

Silent Fjord Experience
- 3.5 hours (4.5 hours with a walk on the sandy beach)

Ísafjörður - Önundarfjord - Flateyri - Hiking Trail - Ísafjörður

One of the most beautiful fjords of the Westfjords - wide views - historic fishing village - nature walk (1 hour on a wide path, even) - waders - coffee / tea and snack - at 4.5 hours beach walk and Eider ducks (40 minutes)
Only in June is the nest time of the eider ducks. Waders can be seen until the end of July.

Impressions in Ísafjarðardjúp - 5,5 hours

Ísafjörður - Hiking Trail - Historical Farm Museum Litlabæ - Súðavík - Ísafjörður

Impressive fjord landscape in one of Iceland's largest fjords - short walk Hestur (2 hours on a wide path, even) - seals - wide views - historic farmhouse - coffee / tea and waffles


Our amazing Nature – 5 hours

Ísafjörður – Súðavík – Walk to Valagil – Súðavík – Vebjarnareyri – Ísafjörður

views - Nature hike (2 hours on trail with slight incline) to a waterfall – coffee in a chocolate factury - foxes –


Experience the Wilderness

– 4 hours

Ísafjörður – Walk Arnarnes - Súðavík – Langeyri - Vebjarnareyri – Ísafjörður

views – Short walk (1 hour on a wide trail with slight incline) – rough nature – foxes – birds – small waterfall - coffee in Helga´s garden


My walks are to be described as comfortable, mostly on trails and on even terrain. 


Tours with horse back

Tours with horse back

Horseback & Sightseeing

- 5 1/2 hours

Ísafjörður - Þingeyri - Horseback – Sightseeing - Ísafjörður

fjords and pass roads - beaches - horseback – sightseeing Þingeyri - coffee/tea and Icelandic pancakes

Riding experience in paradise

- 6 1/2 - 7 hours

Ísafjörður- Súðavík - Heydalur - Ísafjörður

impressive fjord scenery in one of Íceland´s largest fjords - seals – arctic foxes - long views -  soup and hot pott in Heydalur




Bike-Tour to Bolungarvík

5 – 6 hours

Ísafjördur – old coastal road – Ósvör fishing spot – Bolungarvík – Ísafjördur

wide views - fishing village - open sea - traditional fishing of the Westfjords - packed lunch - coffee/tea


Bike-Tour to the Troll-Seat

3 hours

Ísafjördur – Troll-Seat – Ísafjördur

wide view – hike - packed lunch - coffee/tea in Helga´s garden