Shore Excursions

Here I list shore excursions you can take part in.

The start time will be adjusted to the time your cruise ship is here with us.

Do you have questions - please contact me.

I (almost) always have time for a walk, a private tour or can book something for you from other providers.

I developed my Historical and Culinary city walks, Nature walks and Private tours myself and only take place in small groups of 4 to 10 people. My walks and tours make your stay with us as an unforgettable experience. We bring to you the culture and nature of the oldest part of Iceland in a unique way.

My company is committed to protecting and preserving nature and the environment in order to secure a sustainable future for future generations.

Walks - City walks and hikes with me or one of my guides
short description of my Walks

Ísafjörður Walk (2 hours) – Our guide, dressed as a woman from the 19th century, takes you on a walk through the city and up to the slopes above Ísafjörður. On the way you will visit interesting places, such as historical houses and trade centres from the prime time of Ísafjörður. Further, you will receive information on history and culture and hear a lot of stories about the people who lived here and their common beliefs. In addition you get an insight into Icelandic vegetation and Geology.

Elves, Trolls and Stories (2 hours) - Our guide, dressed as a woman from the 19th century, takes you on a walk through the small town Ísafjörður. On the way she will show you interesting places, give you an insight into the history of Ísafjörður and delighted with many tales and stories about the people, ghosts, elves, trolls and other mystical creatures of ancient and modern times. The walk goes all time on plane level. More:

Culinary Explorations (2 hours) - You can look forward to an exceptional culinary walk. Our guide will meet you at the harbour dressed like a fish-worker from the 19th century. We then invite you to taste yourself through the history and culture of Iceland and Westfjords. Local people serve you a big variety of traditional and modern foods. A walk full of culinary surprises! It is only possible to book it as a group with 6 people!

Geology (2,5 -3 hours) – Our tour goes up to the slopes above Ísafjörður. On the way you will learn interesting and noteworthy information about former volcanic activity and how the glacial period shaped the landscape. You will also be shown the different types of rock layers, stones and more and get an insight into our weather and vegetation in past and today.

Plants (2,5-3 hours) - Our tour goes up to the slopes above Ísafjörður. On the way you get an insight into the Icelandic vegetation and see plants in their natural habitat. Our guide will show you the plants and tell you extensive interesting facts about the wild flora and their use in the past and today.

At the end of the hike it will be possible to visit your tourist guide´s perennial garden with a cup of coffee. 

Please Taste! (3,5 hours) - Fun walk featuring culture, traditions, and culinary experiences of the Westfjords. Our walk starts at the Tourist information, goes through the picturesque centre of Ísafjörður and ends at your guide Helga´s garden there we will prepare a tasty fish dish together. On the way we stop at a local fishmonger, get insights into the history and culture of the Westfjords, its traditions, its food, life and working conditions, speak with local people and gather some herbs for our meal. Please note: the walk is not difficult - mostly fixed paths and only a slight difference in height. Nevertheless the 1 1/2 hours through the place (2 km) and to my garden are not recommended for handicapped people. More:

Nature Walk  (5 hours) - A Walk to the nearby valley with a delightful mountain stream and it´s wild waterfalls. On the way you will get some information about all things you interested for: history, presence, vegetation, geology, bird´s life and hear stories. The walk ends at your guide´s garden with Icelandic coffee. More:

At the end of all Walks, except Ísafjörður Walk and Elves, Trolls and Stories, it will be possible to visit the tourist guide´s perennial garden and get a cup of coffee there. You need to book it separately.

Private Tours in my car in the environment, offered by myself.
Tours in the environment (p. e. to Dynjandi Waterfall). These tours are offered by other local companies.
Other Activities, as Kayak, Wale-Watching, Sea Angeling, Horseback and Hikes in Naturereserve, other companies at the place offer.