Sea Kayaking Tours


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Seaside of Ísafjörður
This is our most popular tour and gives everyone the opportunity to experience sea kayaking in Icelandic waters. The area between the peninsula of Ísafjörður and the shoreline of the fjord‘s head offers a sheltered area that is easy to access and offers breathtaking scenery. We meet at the Kayak Center in Ísafjörður and will have an easy start within the wind protected harbor area. From there we will follow the coast line and enjoy the panoramic view of the fjord and the surrounding mountains. In the end of the fjord we might get some additional guidance by from the local population curious seals. Following the coast line, we will come along the runway of the local airport, where shallow areas allow us an insight into the underwater life of the fjord. For our last part of the tour we leave the shore, cross over the fjord and end up back at our home base.
Distance: 7 km
Time: 2,5 hours
Level of difficulty: beginner
Price per person: ISK 12.900

Minimum age: 12 years   Departure: at 9:00


Edging the Fjord
Explore by kayak the life in an Icelandic fjord in all its facets, including wild life and human facilitation. This tour starts at our home base in Ísafjörður. As a warm up we follow the shoreline to the other side of the peninsula, where we pass the biggest fishing harbor of the Westfjords. From there, we leave the town behind and head towards the mouth of the fjord. On the way, we watch the vivid bird life, are observed by curious fulmars and enjoy the beautiful environment of the fjord with steep mountains and the vast waters of Ísafjarðardjup. We will also have the chance to get near the net pens where salmon and Arctic char are farmed. On the mouth of the fjord is the small fishing village Hnifsdalur, where we have a short stop on a sandy beach to stretch our legs before kayaking along the mouth of the fjord towards the other side and follow the shoreline back to Ísafjörður.
Distance: 14 km
Time: 5 hours
Level of difficulty: moderate
Price pp: ISK 21.900    Minimum age: 16 years     Departure: at 10:00

Island Tour
On this tour we kayak to one of the most charming places in the Westfjords. Vigur is a small island that is famous for its diverse birdlife and, with a bit of luck, we will spot some whales. The tour starts in Súðavík, a small fishing village in the neighboring fjord of Ísafjörður. From there, we kayak towards the mouth of the fjord, from where we can see Vigur at some distance. During summer we will already be surrounded by puffins,  eider ducks, black guillemot and other sea birds. Directing the tip of your kayak towards the white houses on the island, we paddle along the mouth of the beautiful Seyðisfjörður before we cross over to Vigur. During our stay on the island you will have time to explore the wildlife and to experience the warm island hospitality with coffee and cake. The sea around Vigur can display challenging conditions, which is why this tour is designed for sea kayakers with some experience in wind and waves.
Distance: 15 km
Time: 8 hours
Level of difficulty: demanding
Price pp: ISK only on demand


Wild Westfjords
This unique one way sea kayaking tour takes us out to the broad expanse of Ísafjarðardjup and leads along steep mountain cliffs where wind and waves have formed bizarre rock sculptures. We will start our tour in Ísafjörður, and from there head for the mouth of the fjord and towards a small fishing village. From there we kayak along the steep cliffs of mount Óshlið where birds come in summer to breed and form noisy colonies. Wind, waves, birds and perhaps the splash of breathing whale will be the only sounds that will surround us during kayaking. A break on one of the beaches gives us time to refuel energy for the rest of our journey. The lighthouse welcomes us to the town Bolungarvík, where there is already our trailer waiting to bring us back to Ísafjörður. This tour is created for experienced sea kayakers that can handle wind and waves and are able to land with small surf. Depending on the prevailing wind conditions, we might change the direction of our tour, going from Bolungarvík to Ísafjörður.
Distance: 15 km
Time: 6 hours
Level of difficulty: demanding
Price pp: ISK 18.000