Our Motto:

sustainability, environmental protection, professionalism and small groups

I expect you with excellent service - specialised on unique walks in Ísafjörður and its surroundings. I, Helga, founded my company 2011 and developed every walk myself. I am a certified guide for the Westfjords and have a group of expert guide´s. We want to give you an unforgettable time in our town. All staff is trained to be personal guide.

Our company practises soft tourism and we support environmental protection. We are working on our certificate in sustainability and environmental protection that we will receive in 2017.

An important point in our business philosophy is that we train our employees well and it is important for us that they love their work thus a good work atmosphere is for us of course as important as good pay.

The following goals for environmental protection are known by every staff member so that they are aware of their responsibility for the environment. Staff will be schooled regularly on environmental issues as well as invited to start further discussions.

The success of these goals must be measurable in all these aspects: Society, environmental protection and personnel management,….At the end of the planning period the success will be assessed and put into a report. For the next period together with the staff new goals will be set .

Goal: The company has the goal to use the resources of the Westfjords in tourism without destroying or restricting them in any way. This means that our business is to always be responsible in our contact with nature, culture and society.

Our environmental goals for 2016 are

Our focus this year is on:

1. Information and motivation: We want to motivate our guests and staff to live our entrepreneurial goals. We will present our goals to guests and staff and are always open for discussions.

2. Information of the guests: We will introduce our guests to the Vakinn seal of approval, that guarantees sustainable and qualitatively high management in tourism. We also want to give our guests the chance to get to know the specific environment of the Westfjords by giving information about environmental protection, culture, lifestyle and laws.

3. Regional staff: We want to work with at least  50% staff living in the Westfjords. Our staff will have the chance to profit from additional qualifications by trainings and courses.

4. Business and society: The business has the goal to have good relations with the local population and local businesses. e.g. with discounts for tours, taking part and supporting regional events and projects and book give aways. At least 1% of the revenues will go to the community and to environmental protection.

We want to be active in regional projects and support sustainable goals. Therefore we take part in project groups and committees. Every year we offer one tour for local tourist businesses.

5. Environmental protection: We shop regionally to limit carbon dioxide production. To limit waste we don´t buy goods with excessive packaging and use biologically degradable materials. We buy goods made out of recyclable materials rather than disposable ones and buy fair trade whenever possible.

We want to use our private and business vehicles 10% less in 2016 and want to motivate our business partners to use less fuel and drive environmentally sound, too.


Helga Hausner, Westfjords Experiences

6. December 2015