Easter in Ísafjörður

Thu, 28.March 2013

Ski-week and Never I went to the south (it meens the region around the capitol Iceland)

in Icelandic: Skíðavika and Aldrei fór ég suður

The Skiweek has a long tradtion in Ísafjörður. This time of the year is really the most beautiful time for cross-country or alpine skiing in delightful sunshine above the town in 200 – 500 m meters in height. Besides the ski-events for the whole family it is in the town during the day and in the evening (and nights) lively: Exhibitions, theater performances, as well as small or large concerts all over the city. Our small town is vibrating because of the many guests. There is a tradition that many young people studying in Reykjavík or have moved there come to visit their relatives over Easter and enjoying the great program by us.

Website Alpine-area: http://www.isafjordur.is/kort_af_skidasvaedunum/skra/242/

Website Cross-country-area: http://www.isafjordur.is/kort_af_skidasvaedunum/skra/243/

Aldrei fór ég suður is a music event, which is hold every year during Easter week in Ísafjörður, in this year for the 10th Times. Come here a lot of bands, orchestras and singers who make this event possible. All artists 26 this year, give their work for free, but the organizers will pay the costs (travel and accommodation), which are supported by donations and Cultural Fund. The event takes place over two to three days. All bands play ca. 20 minutes and then comes the next. This year, the program begins at 18:00 clock on Good Friday and ends on Saturday at 24 Clock. Admission is free.

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