Tue, 28.May 2013


We do not have summer here in the West Fjords, which isn´t necessarily unusual, because the May is often still cold and uncomfortable. But we all have now enough of the cold weather: sleet, hail, cold winds and temperatures just above 0 degrees.


I not even like it to take a photo for you, to save you for the greyness view. Two days ago, but I could not resist to take a picture to record the new snow splendor. Everything had got white overnight, but after a half day was fortunately all gone, at least here in the lower elevations! I show you the picture, "Snow as a morning greeting."


But I know that even you, especially in Germany, just as we, now also the "fed up" of the bad weather.


Lucky that tourists who come to us are actually always satisfied with our weather, as it is - because we called Iceland  - and no one can hope to find here warm and calm weather.


As soon as the weather has switched to summer, which here in Isafjordur in the years since I live here, always happens early in June, then sudden it's warm, sunny and dry. If you for example sit on my terrace in the wind shadow, it's really hot. If you book with me the plant hike, then you have the opportunity to visit my garden at the end and from there you can enjoy the wonderful view over the fjord with a cup of coffee or tea.


It is now already light all night, so that the plants, since the snow is gone from my garden two weeks ago, making photosynthesis 24 hours and are only growing. Of course the weeds too! But for me it's still too cold to go out plucking weeds, but for the plants it isn´t to grow.


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