Nature and Garden

Sun, 23.June 2013

Now I have not written anything for a long time, because the hikes began, and my garden needs a lot of work every day. Now it is finally dry, warm and sometimes sunny too. Then my garden needs to be watered every day. The volcanic soil that we have here holds moisture very bad and even if it is enriched with humus from the compost. Although I have an irrigation system I always need a while until everything is reconnected and new lines for new requirements are laid and so on.

Those who book a plant walk with me, can at the end of the hike visit my garden. All other interested people are also welcome.

The plants in nature started late to grow in this year but now you can already admire the most native wild plants and new begin to flower every day. For my tea I am already beginning to collect because it is important to use the right time, so that the full force of the plant can be used.

The plants you can see on the picture are in my garden.

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