Our Old Town

Thu, 27.June 2013

Who were had been in Isafjordur, can be certainly remember our beautiful Old Town. But please do not think about the medieval cities such as in Germany! For Iceland our old town is something outstanding because here towns have developed first until the end of the 18th Century. There were until the mid 19th Century only six sites on Iceland get a trading town in 1788. Until then it was only allowed to settle on farms. Therefore, the old wooden houses in the town of Isafjordur are also all built between 1816 and 1920.

At first the traders built a house in our upcoming town. Smaller traders operated mostly  import and export and had a shop on site. Tses were built first around the three trade centers. And then the former farm workers moved in the flourishing city, mostly in the hope of a better life. They built in our today's old town, a cottage. Often lived two families under one roof, each family had a room room and used the kitchen together. However, the most beautiful old houses have been built by the craftsmen who got enough work for the rapidly increasing population and hence the construction activity.

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