Cosmopolitan City

Thu, 21.November 2013

The picture shows the velvety morning mood in the last week. 

I recently read in our local journal , as a student from the U.S. described Ísafjörður as a " world city" . Although only 2,600 people are living in our town is here a very rich cultural and sporting life. I can really confirm it as a „Berliner“. I have never participate so much in cultural life, as here. Countless clubs invite you to take part, either as a member or chair. Here is everything - handicraft-club, literature group and a theater club. Various women's associations, rescue organizations and clubs such as the Lions Club collect money throughout the year for charitable purposes.

Two schools of music, a dance school, an art school and a adult education center offer innumerable courses and trainings and educations. In Edinborger house, our cultural center,  hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as theater performances, lectures, exhibitions and concerts.

Ísafjörður has four choirs: a women 's, men's , girls' and mixed choir. So especially at the end of winter, in April/May and before Christmas are a series of concerts on the program. The music and dance schools offer about the same time a series of final performances of their students.

In addition, we are a very active sports town. Because of the weather, we practice most of all the team sports, also make the training possible both indoors and outdoors. And then of course skiing! Almost all drive here either downhill or cross country skiing. Often there is snow up in the ski area from October to summer. The competition season is therefore quite long. The beginning of May is known for Fossavatnsganga with an international participation. Particularly impressive is skiing in the months of March to May, because the brightness in the longer days is fascinatingly beautiful.

Our Ski Week at Easter is marked not only by ski events, but also by the event "Aldrei fer ég Suður " which means as much as I never go to the south. It is a popular rock festival, especially for the younger generation which opposite the rural exodus in the last 20 years. Meanwhile, this event is very popular as a insider tip among foreign guests.

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