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Sat, 31.May 2014

I would be glad if you leave your customer comments here.

Ich wuerde mich freuen, wenn Sie hier ihre Kunden-Kommentare hinterlassen.

  • Eine herzliche, liebevolle Reise durch die Zeit. Vielen Dank  -  A warm, lovely journey through time. Thanks a lot (Saskia, Germany)
  • An highly engaging and delightful experience by a very talented story teller. Don´t miss it as part of your stay here! (Micah, USA)
  • A wonderful tour - a deep exploration of the unique environment. Highly recommended! (USA)
  • Thank you for the very interesting walk,we do not see the town the same after that. (Christiane, France)
  • A wonderful walk through history and nature. (Sandy and Micky, USA about Ísafjörður Walk + Geology)
  • Super Walk durch Ísafjörður und den angrenzenden Hausberg. Sehr zu empfehlen! (Markus, Germany)
  • Herzlichen Dank für den spannenden Rundgang! (Louie and Claudio, Schweiz)
  • Helga provided a reallz interesting and informative tour of Isafjördur. (Alyne, Israel)

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Wir stehen für Nachhaltigkeit, Umweltschutz, Professionalität und kleine Gruppen

We stay for sustainability, environmental protection, professionalism and small groups

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