Heftiges Wetter

Fri, 15.March 2013

In der letzten Woche war sehr schlechtes Wetter bei uns in den Westfjorden. Man konnte nirgendswo hin gehen. Für mich ist dies normal, aber für Sie als Tourist hier kann es ein richtiges Abenteuer sein, weil Sie vielleicht bisher noch nicht solch ein Wetter erlebt haben. Der Wind bläst Ihnen ins Gesicht. Sie brauchen all Ihre Energie, um vorwärts zu kommen, manchmal gehen Sie rückwärts. Jeder muß an wetter- und windfeste Kleidung denken, bevor er aus dem Haus geht, weil die Temperaturen bei starkem Wind erheblich sinken. Schneewehen bauen sich schnell um mein Haus herum auf. Es ist nicht besonders spazig sich an schneereichen Tagen immer wieder aus dem Haus zu graben, aber es hält mich fit.  

Die Eis- und Schneebilder habe ich nach dem Unwetter am letzten Wochenende im Ísafjörður Djúp aufgenommen.


Heavy Weather

Fri, 15.March 2013

In the last week there has been some very bad weather on the West Fjords. You couldn´t go nowhere. For me it is normal but for you, the tourist it can be a really adventure, because most of you have never experienced such weather before. The wind blows the snow in your face. You need all your energy to go forward, sometimes you go backward. Everybody need's to think about wind- and waterproof outdoor clothes before going outside, because the temperature feels much colder in the wind. Snow drifts quickly arise around my house. Indeed it's not that fun to dig me out of my house every snowy day, but it's a good fitness exercise.


The ice and snow pictures I took after windstorm last weekend in Ísafjörður Djúp.


Snow Grouse

Wed, 13.February 2013

Yesterday I went in beautiful sunshine up to the slopes of Ísafjörður. There I saw a group of Snow Grouse or Snow Chicken search for food between the bushes.

The story of the Snow Chicken
Once the Blessed Virgin Mary called all types of birds in a meeting and ordered them to wade fire. The birds were afraid but they could not say no, because she was the queen of heaven. The birds jumped all in and over the fire. After that their feeds were featherless, because the fire had burned them and the birds today are still equally. This reminds allways of the walk through the fire. But the Snow chicken was very afraid, so Mary was angry and desided as the bird would be in future most harmless and most unprotected bird and always be hounted too. The Hawk had been always her brother and now he would hount her, kill and live from her. Only one thing would be protect her: She can change her color from white in winter to grey-brown in summer, that is why the hawk could not found her all times. Always the hawk eats her heart he must vomit. 
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