Merry Christmas

Thu, 14.December 2017

Merry Christmas to you all

Frohe Weihnachten Euch allen

My business-year had been very good, thanks you my costomers. I met many people from countries around the world, which made me rich in experiences.

so, I am looking forward to the year 2018th.

Mein Unternehmensjahr war richtig gut, dank Euch meiner Gäste. Ich traf viele verschiedene Menschen aus Ländern rund um die Erde, die mich reich an Erlebnissen machten. Ich freue mich auf das Jahr 2018.


Übrigens: wir haben 13 Weihnachtsmänner, die einer nach dem Anderen ab der Nacht vom 11. zum 12. Dezember zu den Menschen kommen. Mehr Infos über die Weihnachtsmänner

Actually, we have 13 christmas santas. Here you get find more information about them


All year round

Thu, 28.September 2017

I offer my Walks and Private Tours all year round. In winter we need to change routes depend weather and also are restaurants often closed.

I'm always experimenting with making videos that show you how it looks at different seasons.


Here is one of many nice reviews I got in last summer     

Bitte Probieren

War das eine tolle Tour! Helga Hausner hat uns in fast vier Stunden nicht nur Land und Leute aus den Westfjorden Islands (Ísafjörður) näher gebracht, wir haben anschließend beim gemeinsamen Kochen und Essen auch kennenlernen dürfen, das Individualtourismus nicht besser sein kann und auch in Island noch möglich ist! Danke Helga Hausner (Antje L. )

  Here is the text again, but in English

Please Taste

It was a great tour! In almost four hours, Helga Hausner has not only brought us closer to the country and the people from the Westfjords of Iceland (Ísafjörður). During our joint cooking and diner, we have also been able to get to know as individual tourism can not be better and is still possible in Iceland! Thanks Helga Hausner (Antje L.)

Helga and her guides

Mon, 01.May 2017

On cruises days I often offer my walks at other times, depend their arriving time. Please ask me about schedules.

Welcome to Ísafjörður. We are your experts in personal walks and tours in and around our small town. In 2017 we are 4 guides expecting you in Ísafjörður. 

They are: f.l. Árný, Nína, Helga and Dorothee (she isn´t yet on the picture)

Exellent Service

Wed, 30.November 2016

Our Motto is sustainability, environmental protection, professionalism and small groups (maximum 10 people)

I expect you with excellent service - specialised on unique walks in Ísafjörður and its surroundings. I, Helga, founded my company 2011 and developed every walk myself. I am a certified guide for the Westfjords and have a group of expert guide´s. We want to give you an unforgettable time in our town. All staff is trained to be personal guide. Thus it is important for us to pay our staff well.

  Our company practises soft tourism and we support environmental protection. to read more in English or auf Deutsch.

  If you book a walk with us you will not only get a very unusual personal guided tour - read here what you get more in English and German

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We offer Guided Private Tours into environment of Ísafjörður

We perform in English, German and Icelandic

Wir stehen für Nachhaltigkeit, Umweltschutz, Professionalität und kleine Gruppen

We stay for sustainability, environmental protection, professionalism and small groups

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