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Tue, 26.August 2014

Guðrún Baldvína Sævarsdóttir wrote in WOW magazine no. four 2014:

Culture walks and safaris

Day one and we decided to sign up for the "Ísafjordur walk", a guided tour around the town with Helga Hausner, a German woman who has lived there for years. She showed up dressed like a woman from the 19th century and proceeded to walk the group through the town and its history in two hours. The tour was very informative as I knew nothing about its history, and fun since Helga is a charismatic lady who clearly loves what she does. Her foreign accent added a quirky note to the historical atmosphere. There's another thing I noticed about Ísafjorður, it's the wonderful multicultural vibe of the town, much more so than in your average lcelandic countryside hamlet. During our three day stay we met people from Poland, Germany, Thailand, USA and Canada, living and working in the town and they all seemed to speak incredibly good lcelandic.

Customer Quotes

Sat, 31.May 2014

I would be glad if you leave your customer comments here.

Ich wuerde mich freuen, wenn Sie hier ihre Kunden-Kommentare hinterlassen.

  • Eine herzliche, liebevolle Reise durch die Zeit. Vielen Dank  -  A warm, lovely journey through time. Thanks a lot (Saskia, Germany)
  • An highly engaging and delightful experience by a very talented story teller. Don´t miss it as part of your stay here! (Micah, USA)
  • A wonderful tour - a deep exploration of the unique environment. Highly recommended! (USA)
  • Thank you for the very interesting walk,we do not see the town the same after that. (Christiane, France)
  • A wonderful walk through history and nature. (Sandy and Micky, USA about Ísafjörður Walk + Geology)
  • Super Walk durch Ísafjörður und den angrenzenden Hausberg. Sehr zu empfehlen! (Markus, Germany)
  • Herzlichen Dank für den spannenden Rundgang! (Louie and Claudio, Schweiz)
  • Helga provided a reallz interesting and informative tour of Isafjördur. (Alyne, Israel)
April Weather

Tue, 15.April 2014

I had not seen for half an hour out of the window, turned around and could barely see anything, so close were the snowflakes.

The whole day it had already been typical April weather. It started this morning with storm and frost, then changed within minutes of sunshine and heavy rain showers, gloom and doom and snow. But that just was something special, it was just a few minutes  and now are 5 cm of snow. In the few minutes minutes that I needed to load the photos into the computer to make them ready with Photoshop for the website and to write this text the snowfall has stopped, shone the sun and suffered the sky again and just looks short again by the sun.

Oh, I love the Icelandic weather!


Tue, 15.April 2014

Ich hatte eine halbe Stunde nicht aus dem Fenster gesehen, drehte mich um und konnte kaum noch etwas erkennen, so dicht fielen die Schneeflocken.

Den ganzen Tag war schon typisches Aprilwetter gewesen. Angefangen hat es heute Morgen mit Sturm und Frost, dann wechselten innerhalb von Minuten Sonnenschein und kräftige Regenschauer, Weltuntergangsstimmung und Schneegestöber.

Aber das eben, war schon was besonderes, es fiel innerhalb nur weniger Minuten 5 cm Schnee. 

In den paar Minuten, die ich gebraucht habe, um die Fotos in den Computer zu laden, mit Photshop Webseitenfertig zu machen und diesen Text zu schreiben hat der Schneefall aufgehört, die Sonne geschienen und sich der Himmel wieder zugezogen und gerade guckt kurz mal wieder die Sonne durch.


Ach, ich liebe das isländische Wetter!


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