September Quotes

Tue, 17.September 2013

Oh, the nature is so beautiful - the colors and the light wonderful. The Autumn Colors-Walk with Helga had been very interesting and we enjoyed it! (Detlef and Anna, Germany)

A fascinating insight into the history if Ísafjörður. Thank you! (Dietre and Lindsay from Victoria, Australia)

Customer Quotes

Fri, 16.August 2013

About Ísafjörður Walk

Dear Helga, very, very many thanks for this very entertaining morning and your caring nature! (Andreas and Birgit, Germany)

Pleasant and competent guided tour. Gives a great overview and a lot of fun. (Martina, Germany)

This was a very interesting trip together with Helga - special Helga from 1893! (Karin from Sweden)

Dear Helga, thank you so much for the very interesting and informative walking tour of Ísafjörður! Takk fyrir (Mary and Bruce, Canada)

Dear Helga, thank you for the informative, diversified and interesting tour. I can only recommend! Take care of yourself. (Anne, Germany, living in Netherlands)


Fri, 16.August 2013

Liebe Helga, ganz, ganz herzlichen Dank für dieses äußerst kurzweiligen Vormittag und Ihre herzliche Art! (Andreas und Birgit, Deutschland)

Freundliche und kompetente Stadtführung. Gibt tollen Überblick und hat viel Spaß gemacht. (Martina, Deutschland)

Das war eine sehr interessante Tour mit Helga - im Besonderen mit der Helga aus dem Jahr 1893! (Karin, Schweden)

Liebe Helga, vielen Dank für diese sehr interessante und informative Führung durch Ísafjörður. Takk fyrir (Mary und Bruce, Kanada) 

Liebe Helga, danke für diese lehrreiche, abwechslungsreiche und interessante Tour. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen! machs gut! (Anna aus Deutschland, wohnhaft in Holland)

A great mushroom!

Fri, 16.August 2013

In recent weeks, I saw on my walks Birch mushroom, which as usual are pretty big here. I was wondering, when I 
saw a few days ago a large reddish spot between birch trees, which also looked like a mushroom. But it was a Orange Birch Bolete - 25 cm in diameter. Then I found without looking, two more very large mushrooms.

The mushroom pickers of you must know that mushrooms are here hardly maggoty so you can use the whole mushroom. In recent years, the Icelandic mushroom pickers have steadily increased, as well as the mushrooms. Fungi live in communion with trees and with the increasing forest vegetation in Iceland with various tree species, therefore grow here also more types of fungi. Here I can find different Boletes like Birch bolete, Orange Birch Bolete, Larch bolete and porcini mushroom and chanterelle mushrooms Puffball and some edible gill fungus.

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